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  • What inspired your design? And how does it fit the criteria? The primary inspiration of the design was the many iconic aspects of the host city of Las Vegas. The centre of the design is the shape of the Las Vegas welcome sign and other things associated with Las Vegas surround it to represent the conference host city. Above the sign are palm trees, a flamingo and several noteworthy or memorable buildings - all recognizable sights from Las Vegas. Below the sign are all items often associated with Las Vegas due to the popularity of gambling. Within the items along the bottom is where the other design criteria are incorporated. The playing cards on the right are aces and have an image of the world to represent APCO International. The playing cards on the left represent public safety communications/9-1-1 and the 50th anniversary through the numbers of the cards and a drawing of the original red rotary dial phone from the first 9-1-1 call. The poker chips have 9-1-1 and 50 years for the 50th anniversary. The dice also have the number of dots that can be counted/read as 9-1-1 – six and three added for 9 and one or two for 1-1.
  • What inspired your design? And how does it fit the criteria? Las Vegas is known for their gambling and fabulous welcome sign, so I came up with a welcome sign welcoming APCO conference, and poker cards with 9-1-1 on them showing public communications could be a gamble too. You never know what type of call you will be answering. I've also incorporated the Las Vegas skyline at the bottom using a heartbeat design to show that Las Vegas is still beating strong even after the terrible tragedy that happened in October 2017. I've topped it of with a celebration of 50 years of 9-1-1. What an honor to be associated with a historic milestone that is helping to save lives daily. I'm proud to say that I am a member of the 9-1-1 family.
  • What inspired your design? And how does it fit the criteria? Vegas Baby!! You can’t do Vegas without the infamous sign and some vibrant palm trees! You’ll note some dice and cards as a nod to to the casinos. The APCO 2018 world icon makes a quick appearance and the color scheme is inspired by it. Lastly, you may not see a Las Vegas Blvd sign, but you will see the Route notating 50 years of 9-1-1 in the US! We have come SO far in 9-1-1 and this year we will travel from all corners of the planet to celebrate the milestone!