Professional Development Sessions

Your Educational Guide to APCO 2018

Welcome to your educational experience led by APCO. Through a very rigorous process, our sessions were selected from the best and brightest in our industry in various subject matters. APCO strives to provide you with an educational experience unparalleled to any other industry-related event. In doing so, we will help you become more knowledgeable in your field, more valuable to your agency and co-workers, and better equipped with the latest tools to keep our communities and the public safe.

Below are the tracks purposely designed to focus on specific subject areas. They are intended to act as a guide when planning your education. To begin your journey, read each track description below, then simply look for the logo and/or track name when selecting your sessions throughout the week.

All sessions will take place at the Venetian-Palazzo on Level 2

2018 Education Tracks

Frontline Telecommunicator
These sessions will focus on subjects that are relevant to Frontline Telecommunicator including procedures related to answering 9-1-1 calls, dispatching public safety units; and physical/emotional health and wellness.
Room: Veronese 2404-2405/2504-2505
Leadership Development
The sessions within this track will focus on developing leadership skills that every successful person needs to possess, both operationally and technically. Participants will learn the tools and techniques to enhance their personal performance and become a great leader.
Room: Bellini 2004-2006/2104-2106
Communications Center Management
Sessions will enable managers to create a powerful impact on their employees and their agency by focusing on issues directly related to operating a communications center and mentoring.
Room: Titian 2204-2206/2304-2306
Emergency Preparedness, Response & Situational Awareness
The sessions within this track are designed to address the operational planning needed to prepare communication centers and first responders for an unexpected and expanding emergency event. Discussions include operational responses to major events.
Room: Venetian Ballroom G
Industry Products and Tools
Sessions in this track will showcase vendor demonstrations on their latest product or tool and how it is applicable to the APCO membership.
Room: Veronese 2401 A-B/2501 A-B
NG9-1-1 and Emerging Technologies
The sessions in this track will cover how next generation, broadband and other new technologies that will impact 9-1-1 operations and emergency response.
Room: Bassano 2701-2710
NEW TRACK Cybersecurity for Public Safety Communications
Cybersecurity is an existing and rapidly evolving threat to PSAPs and public-safety communications networks. This track will cover multiple aspects of cybersecurity, such as training and cyber “etiquette;” available resources; and tips for preparing for, preventing, mitigating, and recovering from cyber threats and attacks.
Room: Bassano 2601-2605
Radio and Wireless Communications Technologies (Formerly Radio Technologies, LMR, & Spectrum Management)
This track is dedicated to current and future trends in land mobile radio, wireless, and broadband networks and devices, as well as spectrum management and licensing issues.
Room: Veronese 2402-2403/2502-2503
Cutting Edge Developments (Formerly Cutting Edge and Hot Topics)
Cultivated by APCO staff, these sessions will cover the most relevant and impactful developments in public safety communications including perspectives from senior policy-makers from the federal government and leaders in our rapidly evolving industry.
Bellini 2002-2003/2102-2103

Additional educational opportunities to round out your APCO 2018 experience:

  • Career Advancement Center – Learn the skills you need to grow professionally.
  • Presentation Theater – Listen to public safety companies on the latest technology.
  • Health & Wellness Program – Find out how to incorporate health and wellness into your daily life.
Deaf or Hard of Hearing Sessions
Interpreters for our deaf or hard of hearing attendees will be provided during select professional development sessions.
View the list of sessions.

Important Note
Seats in concurrent educational sessions are limited and are available onsite on a first-come, first-served basis. Popular sessions will reach capacity quickly, so please plan to arrive early. Use of the itinerary tool in the attendee service center does not guarantee or reserve a seat in any session.